***We do have the right to deny a client if we feel that you don't look or feel well. So please be honest. If you do not feel well, or have a sore throat please*** ***reschedule.***


*If you are feeling ill, or showing any signs/symptoms of a cold  please call us prior to your appointment. Upon arrival you must be wearing a face* 

*Mask effective till June 15th 2021*

Our Cancellation window is 24 hours prior to your appointment without penalty. Canceling within 24 hours you will then be charged the full price of a haircut. Same rule applies for no shows. Our no show policy is 3 strikes you're out. We allow a max 10 minute buffer being marked. We will send out a text at 7 minutes after your scheduled appointment time. Anything later will be marked as an official No Show.


*If you do not feel well, or have a sore throat please give us a call if you're within the 24 hour period.*