Welcome Back! We are glad to be back and have we missed everyone! We hope you've been safe and our thoughts and prayers are with you still. We would like to take a moment and fill you in on some of our major changes here at the shop and would like to fill you in on our new policies;


Upon your arrival you must be wearing a face mask. If you do not have one, we will have some available for purchase. Your temp will be taken with our touch less thermometer. If you have a condition or disability where you can't wear a face mask you will be exempt from this rule. You will then be asked to sanitize your hands at the door before services. Please do not bring extra people into the shop during this time. If you’re a parent with a younger child/children we understand but if you’re someone’s ride, friend, or parent of an older child we ask that you remain outside of the shop.

During your haircut we will be following all State sanitation rules and regulations. Additional sanitation laws and regulations from Barbicide as well as the CDC.

Our stations are 7 feet apart from each other, and we will have large plexieglass dividers between the stations as well. Each client will have a new cape.  Barbers will be wearing proper face masks/ and or face shields, gloves, as well as rubber aprons for cleaning between clients. 

We do have the right to deny a client if we feel that you don't look or feel well. So please be honest. If you do not feel well, or have a sore throat please reschedule. 


Our new cancellation policy will now be 24 hours prior to your appointment during this time. Canceling within 24 hours you will then be charged the full price of a haircut. Same goes for no shows. Our no show policy will now be two strikes and done. With our appointment times being longer with much more protocol to follow, we will allow a max 10 minute buffer. Anything later will be marked as a No Show.  Again if you do not feel well, or have a sore throat please give us a call if you're within the 24 hour period. 

Making appointments will be done via phone or online only at this time. You will need to provide credit card information (if we don’t already have it in our system) if making an appointment via phone. No walk ins as requested by the state during this time. We will be appointment only. Same goes as you can not walk in to make an appointment. No more than 9 people will be in the shop at a time including barbers. Cash and Card will still be expected. 

Finally, our services. We will be providing only haircuts at this time. No face shaves, beards, or even eyebrows will be done. Due to new restrictions, standards, and availability, our prices will have to increase. Our haircuts for the time being will now be $25 for ages 13+, and kids cuts will now be $22. It was a very difficult decision on doing this but we have no choice. 

As regulations keep changing and us reopening this will be a learning curve. We are preparing and adapting to our new normal. We’ve always strived for clean and professionalism, and our standards haven't changed. We will continue to strive to give you the class, professionalism, and cleanliness you deserve and expect.